I don’t know if you caught wind of that ridiculous “super straight” “movement,” and for your sake I hope you didn’t, but it was basically a big weird reactionary meltdown from cishet (mostly male) people proudly proclaiming that they were SO straight they would never date a trans person.

Now, the nuances of preference and attraction aside, it really takes a special kind of insecure to stand up and scream about who you won’t date, as though relationships are formed when people are forced together at gunpoint.

And I can’t imagine what it must be like to BE a trans person listening to that kind of chatter. The dating world has gotta be so different from that perspective, and to learn more on that, here are some real submissions from anonymous trans folk.

10. “Hey dude”

Don’t make it bad…

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9. “With the intent of dating…”

I’m a whole entire person, believe it or not.

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8. “Not so fragile.”

We’re a finicky lot.

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7. “Have hope!”

It’s not all doom and gloom and dumb out there.

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6. “You would be the perfect girlfriend but…”

“I’m tired of it!”

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5. “The search continues.”

There’s someone out there for everyone, or so I’m told.

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4. “I’ve given up on dating.”

And there he goes again.

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3. “Amazing!”

To be fair, most online spaces are.

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2. “It is too risky.”

Fear holds us back so much.

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1. “The entire conversation goes down hill.”

“I hate it.”

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God, it’s so discouraging. I hope things only continue to get better.

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