Running a business or an organization can be really tough. There’s a million decisions to make and you can never be sure any of them will turn out to be the best. But in all the confusion, there are a few basic guiding principles that can help.

For instance, maintain clear and consistent communication. We can all think of a time in our lives when something went horribly, frustratingly wrong simply because someone wouldn’t listen.

That’s the kind of story posted by user omegaweapon on Imgur. She put it up under the name “Entitled treasure [sic] at a charity can’t comprehend how 10% works…. So I’m a thief.” Apparently, OP, who goes by Abs, was dealing with the treasurer of an organization she was renting to. A treasurer who, weirdly enough, does seem to understand much about money or…numbers.

And so we begin…

Chapter 1: Lock & Key

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Chapter 1 – Part 3

Chapter 2: This Was Always the Plan

Chapter 2 – Part 2

Chapter 2 – Part 3

Chapter 3: Sebastian

Chapter 3 – Part 2

Chapter 4: Math is Hard

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Chapter 4 – Part 3

Chapter 5: The Standoff

Chapter 5 – Part 2

Chapter 6: I Fought the Law

Chapter 6 – Part 2

Chapter 6 – Part 3

Chapter 7: Aftermath

Chapter 7 – Part 2

Chapter 7 – Part 3

I have my doubts that the man she talked to explained the situation any better than Abs did. I don’t even have anything to do with this situation and I understood what she was saying perfectly the first time. This is what happens when poor listeners back themselves into a corner and refuse to admit they were wrong, even as the evidence mounts. Do yourself a favor: when you’re wrong, just fess up, and move on. It’s…a lot less embarrassing in the long run.

Have you had to deal with someone like this?

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