Comedian-turned-iconic-horror-filmmaker Jordan Peele once said that he thinks horror and comedy are “‘The Shining’ twins of genres. They both depend on a certain amount of reality.”

You wouldn’t think something designed to make you laugh and something designed to make you terrified would go well together, but the two actually share a lot in common. Both are often over the top. Both usually involve very unusual circumstances. Both have to find something the audience has a strong reaction to, be it fear or joy. When they’re combined well, it can be quite a ride.

Now, I’m no movie executive, but I think we should give this Tumblr pitch a shot to be the next big thing in this odd cinematic category.

The idea goes like this:

Rami Malek first became well-known with his role on Mr. Robot, where he plays a deadpan but sharp-minded every-man with a secret.

It does seem like pretty good casting, honestly.

Personally I think that’s a title that would be more at home in the late 90’s, but, maybe that’s marketable again.

If he can act this terrified by winning an award, imagine what faces he could pull when everything hits the fan.

Looks like it’s getting the green light.

From Tumblr, anyway.

For whatever that’s worth.

I think the working title is pretty good, but we might consider something that emphasizes the horror element a little more. Like Dead on Delivery, or maybe the most terrifying pizza-related term I could think of, Pineapple.

What do you think? Would you pay to see this?

Let us know in the comments.