When negative news gets overwhelming, it can be hard to remember that most people are good and decent.

This Tumblr thread reminds us of the adorable things that humans do.

For example, teaboot is here to point out all the ways we’re actually quite awwwwwwsome.

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Ow? Ow! Ahhhhhh. I get it.

And then there’s this beautiful nugget of knowledge.

Well, two, actually.

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Well, yeah. Shiny things are great! And who doesn’t love the beach? Sign me up for both!

Now then, let’s talk about when night comes, and people’s homes, and our use of colors!


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Soft, fluffy bedding sounds amazing. And it’s fun going to other people’s nests… I mean homes.

And who doesn’t like color?

So it’s all good!

Now then… we look at how humans are smart, how we’re very nice (sometimes to our own detriment), how much we like noises and the adorable sneeze!


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Sneezes are kind of amazing. And frustrating. But they feel really good?

How can all three of those things be true?

And yet… they are.

Alright, at the end of the list is our love for those things we love to eat, as well as our ability to fling ourselves into the outer reaches of our universe.

Strap in!

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I do love my reassurance treats. This note sums things up nicely.

If aliens exist and they observe humans like this… I think we’re going to be okay. Because who would want to harm us, right?

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Humans – we’re delightful (sometimes)!

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