So, I’m a writer. Sometimes.

I mean, I’m writing right now. Want proof? Look at this assemblage of words. If I wasn’t a real writer, would I know how to use a word like “assemblage” in a sentence?


Well, that’s probably enough writing for today. I did good. I should reward myself with several snacks and a season or two of TV.

While I’m doing that, you should enjoy these Tumblr posts about what being a writer is like.

And then help me because oh God the deadlines are closing in.

15. Always give your characters credit

14. “I don’t like writing, I like HAVING WRITTEN.”

13. It’s already a tight 2,000 pages

12. When being your own boss actually sucks

11. If you’re not sweating, you’re not writing

10. True story: one time I was commissioned to write a play about animal sex… Google was concerned…

9. There are so many ways for writers to look like psychopaths

8. Your name and date count

7. Why didn’t I burn that when I had the chance…

6. Try repeating it until it loses all meaning

5. Can’t I outsource this?

4. Sometimes writing blocks you, sometimes you block writing

3. Ok now that I say this out loud…

2. This is the best idea I’ve had in MINUTES!

1. Remember: nothing’s ever done, it’s just due

What are your tricks for combating writer’s block?

Seriously tell me in the comments, I need to know IMMEDIATELY.

Or don’t. I’m sure I’ll figure it out on my own eventually.

… help…