The question on Reddit was simple…

“Singles of Reddit, what do you like most about being single?”

And hey, being single does have its downsides, but these folks are having NONE of that. They love being single. And they have their reasons.

Let’s get it…

1. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

“You know the feeling you get the first time you have your house to yourself?

It’s kinda like that — you get to do what you want, the way you want.”

2. What if you slept in different beds…

“You don’t wake up because someone else is snoring.”

3. Sleep is important ya’ll!

“Being able to sleep diagonally across my bed — so much space!”

4. Beat the heat

“I was single for almost all of my twenties. I miss setting the thermostat to whatever temperature I want.”

5. You couldn’t do this?!?

“Being able to go to the movies alone!”

6. Naturally…

“I can flirt with every cute person I meet — and there are MANY.”

7. So many reasons…

“Not having to share a bed.

Not having to share your food.

Your space. Your free time. Your time out with friends.

But best of all …

Not having to have unnecessarily long discussions on where to eat.”

8. Focusing on your own damn life…

“I enjoy not worrying about their success.

Life can be difficult, so supporting an S.O. while putting personal struggles on the back burner can be exhausting.”

9. Two very good reasons for long term happiness

“I save a f*cking boatload of money and can do what I please.”

10. Yeah, texting is the worst.

“Not having to worry about texting someone back.”

11. Bonus!

“Everything in my car and apartment is exactly where it should be.”

12. Pfffftttttttt

“I can F*rt whenever. No guilt.”

13. Ladies… why the jealousy?

“The fact that I can just talk to my female friends and no one gets jealous or gets the wrong impression.”

14. People should be okay with needing space, anyway.

“That stuff can just happen.

If I want to change my entire weekend plans, bam — done. If I stumble upon a thing that happens and want to participate, boom — done.

If I don’t want to talk to anyone, ka-blam — done.”

15. Yeah, this kind of stuff isn’t fair at all.

“Not getting dragged into lame events with her family that essentially ruin my weekend.”

16. Literally you do not anymore. Yes.

“I don’t have to choose between hanging with my friends or my S.O.”

17. Laughter is the best medicine…

“I never have to laugh at unfunny memes found on Facebook, or explain why I’m laughing so hard at anything.”

18. Taking care of your own damn self for a change!

“I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I can spend money on myself with zero regard for what anyone else thinks.

I don’t have to factor anyone else into my plans or life decisions.”

19. Mobile AF!

“Being able to move to another city and state as I please for work or hobby-related purposes.”

20. Why do people move things?!?

“The fact that when you put something somewhere IT f*ckING STAYS THERE!!!”

21. Fair enough!

“No one has to deal with my sh^t, and the same goes for me.

Dunno how I’d handle that.”

22. Ahhhhhhh…

“I’m free of the constant anxiety of if I’m being a good boyfriend.”

23. Focusing on the friendships…

“The main thing is that I can live my own life.

No drama, fights, etc.

I have my friends which are the same thing, and are reliable to talk to.”

24-34. Read ALL the reasons!

“All of my sh^t is exactly where I left it when I get home.

My bed is still made, my dishes are still done, my food is still there, my clothes are still clean, and nothing is missing from my cash stash.

If I want to stay up late and watch movies or listen to music, I can.

If I want to go to bed early, and use the whole damn bed, I can.

If I want to go out and have a few drinks with my friends, I can.

I never have to laugh at unfunny memes’ found on FaceBook, or explain why I’m laughing so hard at anything.

I never have to justify my joy.

I’m my own person. Full, complete, and content.

And no one can drain that from me.

This is what I love about being single.”

Oddly enough… not a lot of mention of sex, though…

Just saying…