Do you have kids? If so, you know what an absolute treat it can be getting them dressed during the cold winter months! Lots of screaming, crying, fighting, and tantrum-throwing to liven up your long days!

And if you don’t have kids, you remember these days from your childhood, don’t you? I sure do. It was a constant battle between my mom and myself, no one willing to give an inch and back down. Good times!

Well, Saturday Night Live recently nailed this phenomenon in a hilarious F*ke Macy’s commercial about the trials and tribulations of trying to dress little kids during the winter.

The commercial starts off typically enough as a Christmas ad with happy families having a grand time.

Photo Credit: NBC

…But then the whole thing starts to go downhill pretty quickly. The kids start to complain about various issues with their clothes. “It’s too hot!” “It itches!”

And the narrator tells us that “Tis the season for wrestling your wiggly little monster into thick winter clothes.”

Photo Credit: NBC

Of course, there are winter clothes that won’t fit over any kid’s head.

Photo Credit: NBC

And there are corduroys that will…well, you’ll see…

Photo Credit: NBC

What’s in store for all the sweet little girls out there? This!

Photo Credit: NBC

She’ll love those!

And you better believe those winter jackets are so huge that no kid will be able to fit into a car seat!

Photo Credit: NBC

Are you ready to see this video in its entirety? Here you go!

Is that spot-on, or what?

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays!

Stay warm out there!