So, TikTok might still seem like one of those newfangled social media platforms to some people, but newsflash: the teenagers of the world have already mastered it and are churning out short, must-see content on the daily.

So many, in fact, that it would be easy to miss the best of the best – but not for you, because thats what we’re here for!

15. And that’s how you become a meme, my friends.

14. How many times do you suppose this has happened?

13. Yet another platform that loves cats.

12. A horror short, for sure.

11. OMG WHY though?

10. Why are her sunglasses the best part?

9. Can it technically be a depression meal if it makes you happy?

8. All of these are good.

7. I love that’s what popped into her head.

6. Funnest cat dad ever.

5. I really just want it to keep going.

4. Why is that cat just sitting still?!

3. So heaven is just like earth got it.

2. Kangaroo starts to sound funny if you say it a whole bunch.

1. Who danced it better?

Run off to get an account now, if only so you can up your cool factor and laugh in minute increments!

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