Out of all of the tweets in the world, these 11 walked onto this post on this particular day, and you know what? I don’t think any of us will be sorry about that fact in the end.

There’s never a wrong time to read through a list of tweets that have gone viral, right?

So give it a go!

11. Every time, even though I have never owned a gun.

10. I can’t choose, they’re all amazing.


9. Stuff like this is what keeps marriages alive.

8. It’s all in how you phrase it.

7. I love french fries but I will always hate this tweet.

6. We all know a real tragedy when we see one.


5. We’re just following directions here.

4. That honestly explains a lot.

3. There’s never a wrong reason to order takeout.

2. A valid argument if I’ve ever heard one.

1. That looks like one smart crustacean.

I’m going to have to follow some new people today!

Do you love reading tweets that have gone viral? Do you prefer quieter content? Share which and why with us in the comments!