Listen, you can read meme lists whenever you want – in the morning, in that long stretch of the afternoon when you just want to take a nap, while you’re scrolling before bed, or anytime in between,

Whenever you choose to flip through these 11 posts, we think you’ll get a good laugh – let us know if we’re right!

11. You always want to be specific.

Especially when you’re making any type of deal with Gen X.

10. Hahaha who knew chocolate could be so relatable?

Delicious, yes. Relatable? Not always.

9. I think we all know the answer to this one.

Tacos are the only one that will love you back.

8. At least it will have you believing that you’re kicking ass.

And then tomorrow you can lie to yourself all over again.

7. Facebook as Monica is very apt.

You know she’s gonna win every time.

6. He makes a fair point.

And we all know the sh*t is going down sooner rather than later.

5. It is the word of every day of 2020 so far.

I will be taking no arguments.

4. Taxes and insurance sure do feel like a cold shower.

It’s not pleasant, but maybe we all need a bath once in a while – just not every day!

3. Why are humans like this?

Is this what a divine being intended for our lives?

2. Otters are just about the best thing ever.

So I mean, I don’t see the problem.

1. I mean, they kind of did.

A fight against joining the terrible world through a dark, restrictive tunnel. Ouch.

I’m ready to stretch my muscles and tackle the day!

Or, you know, find some more lists to scroll. Either way!