If you have a certain witty, slightly acerbic sense of humor (or if you follow pop culture religiously) then there’s no better place for you on the internet than Tumblr.

It’s where you will find your tribe, and if you don’t believe me, I offer these 18 gems as incontrovertible truth.

18. This cat is definitely innocent of these charges.

17. You never know where good art is headed.

16. I can’t imagine not doing it, honestly?

15. That’s an X-Files moment if I’ve ever heard one.

14. You’re witnessing the birth of a new fantasy series, coming soon to Netflix.

13. This might be the best graffiti I’ve ever seen.

12. The middle commenter is definitely someone’s mom.

11. Wouldn’t have been much of a story that way but okay.

10. Anything that means I can stay in and avoid real conversations more often.

9. At least they say please.

8. This is my new favorite picture.

7. This looks like it was taken on another planet.

6. I could continue reading this thread for some time.

5. I really should have recruited more worker bees before having children.

4. Huh. I guess fruit snacks really are impossible to resist.

3. It might be time to take a break.

2. It’s a sign of the times.

1. I mean, it’s not. And why does GenX get overlooked in all of these posts?

Tumblr people are definitely my think-way-too-hard-about-everything people!

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