The dumb is strong with these idiots. Because, let’s face it, you have to work really hard to be this stupid.

I’m not judging. I’m just saying. And then showing clear, unimpeachable examples of fantastic dumbness in action. Specifically as it relates to the female anatomy.

If you’re not screaming, “WTF?!?!” at a least a few of these… why not?!

11. I don’t think he knows how brains work.

Photo Credit: CMC_123/reddit

10. Oh. My. God.

9. They’re not chickens!

Photo Credit: BradyH4/reddit

8. Cool theory bro. You wrong. Next.

Photo Credit: oyemujer/reddit

7. What in the what in the WHAT?!?

6. A brain with googly eyes as your avatar? Checks out.

Photo Credit: polydactylcat/reddit

5. Only a broken person would say something like this.

4. Yeah, because nobody wants to know things like that as a convenience.

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3. Don’t you lump us nice guys in with you!

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2. I guess he showers with his underwear on?

Photo Credit: cupcakenutterz/reddit

1. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

So now you know that there’s more dumb in the world than you thought.