Okay, let’s have some fun, shall we?

This question was recently posed to folks online:

“What movie titles would be funny if you replace one word in the title with the word “Fuck”?”

And off to the races everyone went!

Here are some hilarious responses from AskReddit users.

1. Maybe not for kids…

“Fuck-it Ralph.”

2. All very solid titles.

“Avengers: f*ck

How to f*ck Your Dragon

Fantastic Beasts and Where to f*ck Them”

3. A wonderful film.

“The Incredible f*ck.”

4. Maybe he doesn’t give any?

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of f*cks.”

5. Forget about him…

“Fuck Private Ryan.”

6. It’s an instructional film.

“How to f*ck a guy in 10 days.”

7. A very intense film starring Bruce Willis.

“Fuck Hard With a Vengeance”

8. That’s offensive.

“Honey I f*cked the Kids”

9. A real cat-and-mouse game.

“Fuck Me if You Can”

10. Don’t go in there if you know what’s good for you.

“Willy Wonka And The f*ck Factory”

11. I guess she liked to have a good time.

“Snow White and the 7 f*cks”

12. The first of many in the franchise.

“Fuck and Furious”

13. A very popular series.

“Fuck Boys

Fuck Boys II

Fuck Boys for Life”

14. Some Tarantino classics.

“Fuck Fiction

Fuck Bill Vol. 1&2

Inglorious f*cks

Fuck Romance

Natural Born f*ckers

Fuck Dogs”

15. It was very racy for its time.

“Fuck Me in St. Louis”

16. This one was banned in the US.

“To f*ck a mockingbird”

17. Hahaha. Classic.

“White Men Can’t f*ck”

18. The mile-high club.

“Fucks on a Plane.”

19. This is actually the sequel.

“Forrest f*ck”

20. Rated XXX.


21. An extremely erotic piece of cinema.

“Batman f*ck Superman”

22. A short film.

“Fuck in 60 Seconds”

23. The man was a master.

“Rear f*ck, a Hitchco*k classic”

24. Poor guy…

“Fuck Willy”

25. Stallone’s finest hour.

“Fuck or My Mom Will Shoot”

26. Oh no, Dr. Jones!

“Indiana Jones and The Temple of f*ck”

27. Not a family film.

“The Wizard of f*ck”

28. The whole city?

“Jason f*cks Manhattan”

29. Words to live by.

“Eat. Pray. f*ck.”

30. We’re on a quest…

“Monty Python and the Holy f*ck”

31. Oh, no…

“Fuck of the Dead”

32. The version you didn’t see.

“Fucking Miss Daisy”

33. Rewriting history.

“Abraham Lincoln, Vampire f*cker”

34. An old classic.

“Old f*cker”

35. Let’s end on this note.

“Who f*cked Roger Rabbit?”

Hahahahaha. I had a blast reading those!

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, please, please, please share some funny movie titles with the word f*ck replacing one word.

Let’s see what you can come up with!