There are plenty of reasons to get skeeved out about staying in hotels – hidden cameras, bed bugs, just the fact that there’s probably semen and heaven knows what else on your sheets – but if you’re one of those people who reads a story and can’t get it out of your mind, you might want to stop here.

Because you’ll never be able to forget what you’re about to read, and I might never stay in a hotel alone again.

Victoria Rothe is a regular gal, returning to her hotel room with a co-worker after grabbing a meal or drinks or whatever. They’re probably in town for a work conference and not expecting too much excitement.

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Then, she opens the door to her hotel room and finds a strange woman inside. She’s holding bags full of Victoria’s personal items and stares, caught like a deer in headlights. She mumbled nonsense about her key still working but was clearly unable to come up with a good excuse for being in a stranger’s room holding her things.

Assuming (correctly) that she’s being robbed, Victoria asked to see what was in the bags. Then, stunned and feeling slightly as if she’d walked into an alternate universe, Victoria let the woman go.

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Then, she realized her medication was missing and tried chasing the robber down. When she couldn’t find her, Victoria called the police. They came, took a report, and went over the situation in the room.

There were some odd things left behind – a baseball bat, a necklace, and a flashlight that all must have belonged to the thief, since they weren’t Victoria’s, and bits of drywall in the sink that no one could really explain.

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There was no forced entry, no unlocked windows, no adjoining room, so the police and Victoria assumed the woman must have somehow gotten hold of a spare key, or had previously stayed in the room and the hotel hadn’t reprogrammed the card (even though they denied it was possible). But later, Victoria got to thinking about those bits of drywall.

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She and her coworker (who I assume was now her  roommate because HOW COULD YOU SLEEP ALONE) looked behind the mirror in the bathroom…

…and found a hole big enough for a person to crawl through.

Not only that, they found a space big enough for a person to live in, and enough personal effects to make it clear this woman (likely a drug user) had been doing just that for some time.

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Living. In. The. Wall.

She had access to more than one room and was probably crawling out when people were gone to go through their things and steal medication she could take or sell.

I literally screamed when she got to the punchline.

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Just. Nope.

I don’t know about y’all, but in the event I find a way to get up the nerve to stay in a hotel again, I will be checking all of the walls.