For a lot of us, the term “erectile dysfunction” didn’t enter our awareness until it started getting used prominently in ads for new drugs like Viagra, subsequently becoming an instant punchline and fodder for a thousand jokes, not to mention complaints about the apparent disconnect between the priorities for men and women’s sexual healthcare.

But the inability for an otherwise healthy person to get prepped for sex is something doctors have been noticing and discussion for centuries, and jokes aside, the real-world implications it can have for the context of a relationship are significant.

Here are a few confessions to illustrate that point.

11. “I constantly fantasize.”

There’s just a part of us that wants that fulfillment.

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10. “We’re missing a huge part.”

It’s so significant for most people.

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9. “I cheat.”

This doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere good.

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8. “Isn’t what I imagined for myself.”

This kind of lie by omission is fundamentally dishonest.

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7. “It’s not an issue for me.”

Sex isn’t that big for a lot of people.

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6. “For the meantime.”

Well, that was considerate.

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5. “I’m never in the mood anyway.”

Maybe you’re asexual?

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4. “I get mad.”

Seems like this is less physical and more psychological.

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3. “It’s just really difficult.”

A problem that frequently has no solution.

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2. “I can’t remember the last time…”

It’s been forever.

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1. “We have to schedule our sex.”

Gotta get the pills to kick in at just the right time, perhaps?

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There’s no easy way around this stuff, I suppose.

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