You don’t mess with a person’s dog. You just don’t.

A lesson that this guy’s neighbors had to learn the hard way after they stuck their nose in business that definitely wasn’t theirs.

The original post on Reddit told this story:

I planted over 5000 dandelion weeds in my neighbors garden from ProRevenge

So, basically, this guy’s dog was p*oping IN HIS OWN YARD, he picked it up weekly, and his neighbors objected to what? Having to look at it in another person’s garden?

I would have been tempted to tell them to shove it, myself, but I doubt I would have been so created.

They threatened his dog, so they get what they get – I personally loved both the wild paint color and the dandelion seeds.

Though this commenter also had a brilliant idea.

Plus, they’d never be without it when they wanted to make mojitos.

Other commenters were good looking out, reminding the original poster not to plant anything he didn’t also want in his own garden.

The more you know.

Stay creative with your revenge out there, people, and don’t let the neighbors threaten you or yours without retribution. It just isn’t right.