When Maggie Goldenberger (The “Ermagerd Goosebumps” girl) was interviewed by Know Your Meme about her unexpected (and in her words “non-consensual”) internet fame, she had this to say about the experience in general:

“Most people just contacted me to tell all of the people I should sue and to lawyer up immediately. I really wanted to capitalize on everything but didn’t understand why it was so funny to people who didn’t know me. It was even harder for me to understand why anyone would pay money for merchandise, and I expected it to follow internet culture and disappear in a week.”

Of course, it didn’t disappear in a week, and has remained one of the most enduring memes on the internet. Maggie is busy working as a nurse these days; she has moved right along with life, but she’ll always be a part of the internet culture.

Because memes…memes are forever.

Here are a few other familiar faces you probably didn’t have a name for.

10. Drew Scanlon

AKA “Blinking White Guy.”

9. Vladimir Brest

AKA “Dramatic Dmitry”

8. András Arató

AKA “Hide the Pain Harold.”

7. Kabosu

AKA “Doge.”

6. Mia Talerico

AKA The “Good Luck With Charlie” Girl.

5. Zeddie Smith

AKA “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.”

4. Tardar Sauce

AKA “Grumpy Cat.”

3. Dustin Mattson

AKA “Hipster Barista.”

2. Maggie Goldenberger

AKA “Ermahgerd.”

1. Igor Nazarov

AKA “Schoolboy In A Swamp.”

Remember, if you see a meme in real life, leave them alone. They’re actually people.

What’s your favorite meme?

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