Wow, this skit from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon sure is relatable. And I also think a lot of us, including yours truly, wish these candles really existed so we could get guests who overstay their welcomes in our homes out the door as quickly as possible.

In the comedy short, actor Ryan Reynolds is hosting a Christmas party at his house with a bunch of friends. Buuuuuuut… he starts to get annoyed because folks just won’t take a hint and leave. Reynolds tries a bunch of tactics to get the people out of his house, including commenting on how late it is, and over the top yawning.

Nothing seems to do the trick and these folks obviously are not picking up on the verbal cues… so Reynolds has to pull out the big guns. I’m talking about the ‘Get the F*ck out of My House’ candle that is sure to drive out anyone, even those with the strongest stomachs.

Reynolds lights us a candle and the guests slowly but surely begin to get a whiff of the disgusting aroma that is now starting to permeate the house…the scent that Jimmy Fallon describes as “hot garbage.”

Let’s just say the candle does the trick and everyone bolts for the exits before they end up puking their brains out. Success!

The candles come in different aromas and they even threw some shade at the state of New Jersey.


Let’s watch the whole video.

This needs to be a real thing, don’t you agree? Would you buy it?

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