Something Gen Z seems to be pretty into right now is dragging Millennials on Twitter. And by dragging, I mean mostly just pointing out banal things that we do in an accusatory tone.

And yanno, that’s fine. I’m here for it. I’ll even add to the conversation, if you want. Our behavior really isn’t quite so baffling once you hear some explanations for where it comes from.

Let’s try doing a bit of that now.

10. A game of tag

We never really got the hang of how to strategically get views so we just throw everything at the wall.

9. My Favorite Murder

We’re so used to witnessing and contemplating corruption and destruction that it’s basically recreational for us now.

8. Back in my day

We’re just reflecting on back when it seemed fun and cool and not like the harbinger of the end of society.

7. Adult content

Because our own adulthoods have been stunted by the failure of a million societal promises.

6. See hear now

If you’d seen the insane change in technology that we witnessed, you’d still be thinking about it too.

5. Say cheese

It’s one of the only affordable ways we can feel sophisticated.

4. Up where the air is rarefied

It’s one of the only affordable ways we can feel luxurious.

3. The grunge

Believe it or not, bad quality photos of people screwing up their lungs was what we were taught was cool.

2. So much winning

We have so few actual wins in life, just let us have this.

1. Booty call

Wait, doesn’t everybooty?

I hope that clears some things up for you.

What’s the best / worst thing about your generation?

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