These days, it seems like kids are getting phones younger and younger.

Before you know it, we’ll be asking about a baby’s first text instead of their first word.

Luckily, things can end up getting pretty funny when you give kids phones.

1. At least she didn’t Tweet it.

Or Twoop it?

Photo Credit: Instagram: kmahvan

2. Yeah… but what’s for dinner?

How many times do I have to ask?!?!

3. That’s against the rules.

The tooth fairy is on vacation. Please leave a message.

Photo Credit: Instagram: ecfroman

4. “I said only text in case of emergency.”

Looks like somebody has some money they need to save up…

Photo Credit: Instagram: justanitra

5. That was quick.

Don’t you just love those dots? No? Me neither.

Photo Credit: Instagram: raeonix

6. It never gets old.

I live for this s**t!

Photo Credit: Instagram: kimholcomb

7. Kids never change.

So… can he go?

8. At least they’re practicing creative writing.

Bitting sounds painnful.

9. What would this parent have done without that vital information?

Are you in a cave, son?

Photo Credit: Instagram: mbflatau

10. Hang in there…

You’ve got a whole life of waiting ahead of you!

Photo Credit: Instagram: mkb1119

11. You’re dream-grounded.

Go to your dream corner!

Photo Credit: Instagram: birdflurn

12. Crap always comes before chores.


13. Gotcha.

A classic, and it still works. Both the joke and the refrigerator.

14. We teach our kids to be honest…

Are you sure????

15. Lol.

That’s not funny, kid!

Alright, so those kids were actually legit funny. I have to hand it to them.

What do you think? Any of these really make you laugh out loud?

Let us know in the comments!