Klair Randall was enjoying a night out at a comedy club with her boyfriend when a shocking figure appeared on stage. Louis C.K., who had recently admitted to masturbating in front of women, was starting a surprise set at New York City’s Comedy Cellar.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

The first thing I thought when they announced Louis’s name was was that it had to be a joke. I was pissed off. I looked at my boyfriend and we had this moment of can we get up and leave right now, or do we sit through it and give this guy a chance?”

They stayed. According to Randall, his set started with a lament over how bad last year was for him, and then devolved into jokes about taking a temperature via the rectum and sexual jokes about eight-year old girls. The audience loved it, which angered Randall even more.

She waited until there was a break. “And in that moment I just yelled “get your d%ck out.” I wasn’t thinking at the time that it would become news, I wasn’t trying to make him mad or get laughs from the audience, I just knew that I could not sit in that room and let him think he had an uninterrupted stage,” she told The Cut.

Almost immediately, staff approached Randall’s table and told her to stop harassing Louis. She and her boyfriend left instead. That night, she sent out a Tweet:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Her tweet went viral, and the response was overwhelmingly in support for her heckle. Because what Randall did was more than heckling – it was standing up for every woman he made watch him jack off (which, really, wtf?).

And it was telling Louis himself that his attempt to salvage his career shows he still hasn’t learned a damn thing.