There’s a lot of discussion about supporting local businesses lately, which is important. But what about the instances where a local business supports you in return? Not just in providing their service for a good price, but in going the extra mile?

That’s the kind of non-fiction story that author Maureen Johnson was able to share on Twitter.

“Hang on, we have something for you.”

It all starts with Maureen’s mom ordering some flowers to be delivered from a local vendor.

“My mom was speechless.”

They didn’t stop at flowers.

“I would like to shout out this business to the rooftops”

Without being asked, and without accepting payment, they did a nice thing just in case.


The business is called Castle’s Garden, Lawn, and Landscape, and they operate out of Oakford, Pennsylvania.

“With their own money.”

At a time when nearly all businesses are taking a hit, to have a local flower shop trim their profits for a nice gesture is really something to see.

“Here they are”

You can see more from them on their Facebook page.

“Pay it forward”

The Twitter thread having gone viral, Castle’s started getting a lot of attention, which they responded to with modesty on Facebook.

In bloom.

Here’s a nice shot of one of their greenhouses.

I think they said it best. If you’re truly impressed with an act of kindness, the best way to repay it is to pay it forward.

What’s something nice you’ve seen someone do recently?

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