Ah, the Karen meme. It’s a catchall for that nosy, superior, sniffy white woman who just cannot mind her own f*cking business. She needs to speak to a manager, NOW, and this woman who tattled on a teenager in the Bloomingdale’s checkout line shouldn’t be surprised that the people on Reddit are referring to her as exactly that.

She first encountered the girl talking to her friend about an expensive pair of boots, saying that she could buy them because she had her dad’s card.

Then, at the checkout, the woman just happens to end up behind the girls, sees the total is over $1k, and can’t hold her tongue – she tells the cashier the card belongs to the girl’s father.

Now that the cashier knows, she can’t let the girl use the card, even though the teen insisted she had permission, and that her father wanted the points.

AITA for telling cashier that wasn’t the girls credit card? from AmItheAsshole

She ended up angry, near tears, and using her own card for the purchase.

The original poster (OP) seems surprised that the cashier and her husband both thought she was in the wrong.

Comment from discussion .

She’s going to be a million times shocked, then, when she reads how pretty much every single person on the subreddit Am I The A**hole thinks that she definitely is.

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Mind your business KAREN!

YTA (Your the A**hole), they say. Pretty much all of them, and not very nicely.

Why can’t you just look at your phone for a few minutes more?

Other people’s business… is my business? No. It’s not.

And this comment makes the best point of all. Because why would you care how much she was trying to charge?

I can’t say that I blame them. I would be furious if someone did this to me, angrier still if someone did it to my child, and I’m pissed off in general that some people have so much trouble minding their own fre*king business.

Am I wrong? What would you have done? Let me know in the comments!