They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But beauty is all over the place, really. In a good sense and a not so good sense. On the negative side, beauty STANDARDS are all over the place, and what we’re expected to conform our appearance to varies all the time. Self-imposed, often near impossible strictures find their way into our psyches and make us feel lesser. On the other hand, beauty is all over the place. As in, it’s really all around us. And if we can step away for a moment from the mindset that says it only exists within a few prescribed boxes, we can find a better world to live in.

That’s the kind of message that hit the hearts of so many when twitter user @hollyhopkins_ made this statement about her “before” nose.

Despite a moderate following on Holly’s account the tweet quickly gained traction with over 15 thousand retweets and 3 thousand comments, most of which were others who’d felt insecure about their looks, standing in solidarity.

15. So eurocentric

I see what you did there with the knows thing. Well done.

14. Just hanging out

Dude I’ve never looked that good during a hangover.

13. Ancient precedent

She does look pretty happy about it.

12. Striking

(Rhinoplasty = cosmetic surgery for your nose, if anyone was wondering.)

10. Changing perspectives

I love how the bird is into it too.

9. All over the world

This tweet taught me an interesting fact that also made me sad.

8. Bump it up

Girl, same.

7. Don’t ever change

Look at that smile.

6. Picking pics

I think you both look wonderful.

5. Insecurity

Learning to love yourself is a big part of growing.

4. Still working on it

It doesn’t happen over night.

3. Look at this photograph

I love the fashion you’re rockin’ in the second picture as well.

2. Sweet embrace

Looking good!

1. Getting there

That doggo is CLEARLY here for you and so are we.

What’s the moral of the story? No one knows what nose you’re suppose to grows because no nose knows yo nose but those you chose to know. Which is my attempt at a clever way of saying, you’re perfect the way you are. And anybody who can’t see that don’t nose nothin’. 🙂

What’s the thing you’re most insecure about? Are you learning to embrace it?

Tell us about it in the comments.