It’s pretty upsetting how rude people are to strangers online these days. I guess it’s nothing new, but it’s still sad to see how people get cut down when they put themselves out there on social media.

But sometimes, there’s a happy ending to those bad interactions.

Take the case of a young woman named Thea Chippendale. She lives in the UK and, like millions of other people out there, she was on a dating app looking to find a love connection.

What she found instead was an incredibly rude insult from a man named George, who said she was “a bit of a joke” and that her dress in her photo on Tinder was “not doing any favours.”

Wow. What a dick.

Chippendale decided to tweet about her interaction with this man and her tweet went viral in a big way.

Well, things took a very interesting turn from there. A huge fashion company called ASOS caught wind of Chippendale’s tweet and they responded to her.

And then things went a step further. Chippendale said, “The CEO of ASOS, Nick Beighton, invited me down to their HQ where him and the amazing ASOS staff gave me a tour of how ASOS works and all the different departments they have. They also gave me a makeover and I got to have a little photoshoot with their photographers – it was an amazing experience.”

Take a look at this! Who do you think got the last laugh here?

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