There’s hardly anything better in this world than a good connection with your grandma. And if you’re very lucky, that connection can follow you beyond childhood into the later years of your life, and the wisdom she has can stay with you through changing stages and circumstances.

One story posted to r/PettyRevenge (of all places) resulted in a huge grandma-cheering session. It’s a creepy-gross-turned-heartwarming tale the author entitled The Lecherous Judge.

The Lecherous Judge
byu/cinderpants inpettyrevenge

Now, if you’re thinking her grandmother marched up and spilled every detail out, causing a big scene, you’re wrong.

She was apparently a lot more shrewd than that.

OP returned to the comments to clarify:

And the people loved it.

Grandma is the perfect epitome of a common term.

And you have to assume that, even though she wasn’t explicit, the vibe was tense.

I sentence you to get a life.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here’s that fun vocab word.

It’s the feel-good story of the week!

It reminded a lot of people of their own special someones.

And inspired a lot of bad/great jokes.

Though not everyone seems to have gotten the point…

Whether it’s a grandma, grandpa, parent, or even someone who’s not related to you at all, we’ve all got those guides and mentors who have helped us through and made us who we are. Take some time today to thank them.

What’s your best grandma story?

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