A professional artist who goes by Gee took to Twitter recently with one simple, but intriguing question:

And it did NOT go unnoticed.

There were TONS of responses.

Here are some of the most interesting:

15. “Be responsible for yourself”

We’re not just here for the good of others.

14. “We don’t owe answers to others”

Just because something is said in a demanding tone, doesn’t mean anything is deserved.

13. “Ask.”

A simple principle too often forgotten.

12. “Everyone is flawed.”

We’re all just trying our best.

11. “Make your own mistakes”

We all have to at some point anyway.

10. “Not wholly good or bad”

Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent.

9. “Aim to be happy.”

Otherwise, what are we even doing here?

8. “Have faith”

It all starts with you.

7. “Say no without explanation”

The only person who needs to understand why is you.

6. “Stop making excuses”

You can love them and admit they’re wrong.

5. “Indulge in your guilty pleasures”

Why should they even be guilty?

4. “Please don’t waste your time”

You’ve only got one you – celebrate it.

3. “This is your life”

Don’t apologize for it.

2. “Know your worth”

It’s higher than you probably think.

1. Save time if you can

No need to wait ’till any age to learn things!

Listen to the people who have been there. Get a headstart now. Your future you will appreciate it.

What piece of advice would you have to offer your younger self?

Tell us in the comments.