What’s it really like to be the “side chick?”

First of all, I can’t imagine the label is a whole lot of fun to carry around. Feels demeaning for about 100 different reasons. But beyond that – how does it actually affect a person to know that they’re secondary, or secret? That the person they’re having fun with regards them this way?

Let’s delve into the experience with some words from a few anonymous contributors.

10. How’s this gonna work

Suddenly it’s not all playtime anymore.

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9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Find out that don’t mean squat to me.

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8. Who can remember

It’s like a different person, a different life.

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7. Something and nothing

Are we just taking what we can get?

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6. The big discovery

A strange bond, but an honest one.

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5. Ending it

And facing a wall of manipulation.

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4. Downgraded

Sounds like y’all just can’t let go of each other.

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3. Finding out

But are you gonna keep on keepin’ on anyway?

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2. Always and forever

It’s not the same.

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1. She’ll never know

Takes it to a whole other level when that turns out to be your kink.

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It’s a messy messy world out there. Remember to be good to each other.

Have you ever had an experience with this sort of thing? Who were you in relation to the situation, and what was it like? Did you learn anything from it?

Tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks, fam!