I’m probably not saying anything that’ll blow your mind, but guys are pretty clueless a lot of the time.

And it’s always a complicated game to see who will make the first move when you’re on a date, so a lot of fellas really don’t pick up on hints when they’re thrown in their faces.

These guys definitely weren’t picking up what the women were putting down.

The ladies of AskReddit shared their stories.

1. Just one finger.

“In college I asked a guy out to a movie and he said he’d love to go.

At the movie I brushed my hand up against his so that he may hold it. He put his index finder on mine and kept it there through the whole movie.”

2. Worked out eventually.

“I would cuddle up to him, sit on his lap, straight up flirt with him. I had to tell him I liked him. He still seemed confused.

We’re expecting our first child so I think it turned out well in the end.”

3. Way to go, Andrew.

“Sat on his lap.

He got up and found me a chair.

Thanks, Andrew.”

4. I’m pretty sure they were.

“Once i invited someone to take a bath with me and like three weeks later they were like “wait, were you flirting with me?” lol”

5. That’s what she meant.

“Not so much that he didn’t get it, as that he was just very innocent and adorable. Back in middle school we were hanging out and I said, “If you were to kiss me right now, I wouldn’t stop you.” To which he opened his eyes wide and said “What really?!” I nodded and he kissed me on the cheek and blushed.

Nothing came of it, but years later he mentioned that he realized what I meant a few days after our hangout and was so embarrassed, he assumed he had missed his chance.”

6. Get a clue, dude.

“My now-Fiancé told me he liked me, and I told him I wanted to get to know him. We went on a date and at the end of the night we kissed and arranged a second date.

I told him later that night that I liked him back. After a few days he messaged me “but do you mean like as a friend or do we like each other the same way? I’m sorry but you have to spell it out for me. I don’t want to get the wrong impression”.”

7. Totally oblivious.

“Told the guy I liked (now my boyfriend) that I was single and was looking for a boyfriend, and he just went “oh have fun, that’s always difficult” then later in the conversation I ended up calling him hot and boyfriend material (yeah bad joke I know) and he was like “haha thanks”

Three hours afterwards he texted me and was like “WAIT WERE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME”

Now we’re dating and I like to tease him about his constant obliviousness.”

8. Smooth move.

“After a class in university a girl who I had already pointed out to a friend ( I thought she was hot), came up to me and said” your name’s so and so, you’re in my class, how did you get so smart?”

I was stunned. Like a deer in headlights.

I replied, “I watch a lot of tv.”

9. Thank you!

“There were rumors in my store that I liked one guy and that he liked me back but we were too stupid to admit it to each other.

One day I was fed up with all of this and decide to take action, so in front of everyone I shouted at him from the opposite side of the department “I like you, ok?”

He turned and shouted back “thank you”.”

10. Waited 4 years…

“I literally told him “I think you’re cute we should date” and he didn’t even blink.

Fast forward 4 years and he text me if I was serious back then I said yes then he felt like an idiot because he had a huge crush on me too. We’re best friends now tho.”

11. He caught on later.

“I met a cute guy in college and we started texting a lot. Our school used to host 19+ themed club nights on campus every Thursday night, and one of those nights, the guy texted me and asked if I was planning on going.

I hadn’t planned on it, but was hoping the guy would invite me to go with him, so I said something like: “No, I always want to go, but none of my friends are 19 yet, so I have no one to go with :(”

He said: “Oh, that’s too bad. Have a good night!”

Eventually, he caught on to my flirting and we’ve been dating for 3.5 years now. He still insists that there was nothing wrong with his response.”

12. He can be dense…

“Early on with my husband, at the time just random internet person I had become friends with, he was talking about his motorcycle. Very obviously coming on to him I go “yeah? So when are you going to take me for a ride on that thing?” I was being like. Over the top lascivious about it too.

And in complete seriousness he replied that he doesn’t take on passengers because he can’t handle the added responsibility and he actually removed his passenger pegs.

I like to tease him about it to this day though I’ve added in an emo hair flip to go with the line about the passenger pegs.

I love him but man he can be dense. The first time we hooked up we were making out on his couch. A bit later, he gets up to go to bed and sets me up to sleep on the couch. Which is fine, he wasn’t being pushy or presumptuous, I admired that. But I also wanted to get laid so I go “…or maybe I could sleep.. with.. you?” I swear I smelled the gears in his head burning as they ground to a halt and changed direction.”

13. Missing the signals.

“I kept hugging him around the waist, cuddling with him, and all of that stuff.

he kept missing the signal when i would grab his inner thigh.

that was when we were “friends” we have been dating for about 8 months now and he asked “did you want to… ahem… d o t h e d i r t y ?”

Funniest moment of my life right there lm*o.”

14. Yes, I am!

“I said “You look hot, are you single?”

He just said “Thanks! I am single!” Then walked away…”

15. You’re all set!

“Asked him to adjust my bra strap.

He did very shakily and then patted it down like “all done.””

16. He wasn’t getting it…

“I met my partner of 9 years when we were at a mutual friends 20th birthday. I was into him, but he was completely clueless. I could tell he was attracted to me, but he was so awkward and adorably innocent. I would dance with just him, grab his hand to keep up with the group through the busy nightclub, place his hand on my waist or hips….

Hours had passed and he wasn’t getting it. Eventually I fully sat on his lap, despite empty seats either side of him. He froze, not sure what to do. The friend whose party it was caught his attention before demonstrating how to handle a woman in your lap. The birthday boy pulled his girlfriend to his lap, encircling her waist in his hands and whispering in her ear with pointed looks at my guy. Awkwardly my partner tried to do the same, but he was so uncertain. Later we all went for drunken late night maccas before everyone split up for the night.

He tried to drag me into a shadow to kiss me goodnight, but couldn’t get his confidence up before his rowdy friends came and dragged us all apart. He was so adorably frustrated. A couple of days later I added him on Facebook because I wanted to know more about him.

We started chatting all night every night and eventually got our sh^t together. It turned out he had never been kissed, so the next time we saw each other in person I made sure to rectify that. 9 years later we are no longer close with the mutual friends that got us together, but he’s all I could ever need. Literally the best decision I ever made.”

Ouch…rejection is never fun, but at least these gals can chalk it up to the men being kind of…dumb.

Has this ever happened to you?

We don’t mean to put you on the spot, but WE MUST HEAR THESE STORIES.

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