I think Tumblr is basically just a melting pot where all characters factual and fictional go to get blended up into an unstoppable torrent of lore. You can’t really spend more than five minutes on the site without seeing a new fan theory or story.

And of course, what would good fan fiction be without a flair for the playfully Gothic, a la, ‘The Addams Family’. It’s a property that’s demonstrated a pretty amazing amount of staying power, remaining a part of pop culture more or less continuously since it premiered way back in 1964, with a trio of movies in the 90s and even an animated reboot in 2019!

So it’s no surprise that somebody tuned their imaginations and created this Tumblr take on a new Addams story about college kids.

I was brainstorming titles when I realized “Monsters University” is already taken.

Writing fiction about fiction writers writing fiction about already existing fictional character. Never change, Tumblr.


This is already more fleshed out than Rise of Skywalker, IMO.

The true horror is the judgmental snark of Wednesday Addams.

So what do you think? Would you see this movie?

Or do you have a better idea for the next Addams Family installment?

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