Yes, it happened. Sort of.

They were warned by the government, but that didn’t stop hundreds of alien enthusiasts from going to a location near “Area 51” and “raiding” it on Sept 20th.

Just in case you were wondering, a couple people did get in trouble. Youtube star Ties Granzier and a buddy actually trespassed onto the military base and were both shot in the legs. But no serious damage was done. No, I’m kidding. That didn’t happen, but they did get arrested.

Naturally, Twitter has a lot to say about this “raid,” so why hesitate any longer? Let’s get to them tweets!

Of course this happened…

Let’s go grab some aliens!

Technically not “the worst” but it’s close…

Go save those aliens, fam!

Well, that didn’t take long!

Keep waiting… it’ll happen!

Don’t pay attention to the Brits!

Damn Europeans!

Thankfully, the Army didn’t create any heroes that day…

Come on now… that is not a real photo…

A Karen showed up!

Makes sense!

Yeah, it’ll be a thing…

I mean, if you could have gone would you have? Because it feels like the nerd sweat was HEAVY out there.

Let us know in the comments! Because we like things like that.