Did you know that you’re more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash? Well, after seeing some of the drivers we’re sharing the road with, it’s not all that surprising. Here are 15 drivers you might want to (literally) steer clear of.

1. No texting and driving…but what about reading and driving?

2. How does one even do something like this?

3. Gotta keep it fresh.

Photo Credit: Reddit: theofanhs

4. You’re supposed to straddle the lines, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit: battulga12

5. Someone drew on this person’s car to show them just how bad of a driver they are.

Photo Credit: Reddit: IIThamysII

6. Who needs a tow truck when you’ve got a truck bed and ambition.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Nemnock3113

7. “It was there when we left…”

Photo Credit: Imgur: dhill12

8. How? Just…how?

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. That works.

Photo Credit: Reddit: wadeybb

10. Couldn’t you have just found another parking spot?

Photo Credit: Imgur: Adamarket

11. What happened in that car that they need that many air fresheners?

Photo Credit: Imgur: jonnytrouble

12. Broken horn? No problem!

Photo Credit: Imgur: memezAreFun

13. Let’s hope that’s a strong strap.

Photo Credit: Reddit: readball

14. “After watching Final Destination, I’ve always kept distance with these trucks. Today it actually helped.”

Photo Credit: Pikabu: Freeze64

15. Is there a law that says you can’t park there?