You’ve probably heard variations of this game before. Like your porn star name is the name of your childhood pet and the street you grew up on. Mine was Quincy Woodward.

Or that your porn star name is your childhood pet and your mom’s maiden name. Under those rules, an old boss of mine was named Frisky Garcia…I never forgot that incredible name.

Well, now there’s a new game that we’re all playing because of being in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

It’s your quarantine nickname and it consists of how you’re feeling (first name) and the last thing you ate out of your cupboard.

Let’s take a look at some of the best responses!

1. This kicked it all off.

2. A lot of this one going around.

3. Kind of a cool name in general.

4. Sounds like a new, hip cafe.

5. Yes! This is good.

6. At least you’re eating salad.

7. I can relate to this one.

8. Sounds like a decent time.

9. I’ll take two!

10. A very cool nickname.

11. Keep your head up!

12. And, last but not least.

Those are pretty funny, despite the situation we’re all in right now.

Okay, we want to hear from you!

Tell us your quarantine name in the comments.

I’ll start: mine is Depressed Beef Jerky!