This past year, a lot of us have had to go a long time without visiting a barber or a hairstylist. I don’t know about you, but being in that situation has made me start to think of some more wild and adventurous options I might try with my hair when given the opportunity.

Maybe I could take a page from one of these outrageous options?

10. Up and Away

You’re seriously breaking the mold.

9. The Unpredictable

Every inch of this is a new surprise.

8. The Ultimate Hawk

I feel like this person might literally get carried away.

7. The Croissant

Admittedly delicious.

6. The Line Graph

Sales of this haircut are way up.

5. The Strand

The amount of product necessary for this could fill a swimming pool.

4. Take Your Pink

This is a tropical bird and you can’t convince me otherwise.

3. The 3D Movie

It really pops right out at you.

2. The Rainbow

For when you just can’t decide.

1. The Ball & Chain

If she isn’t the empress of something I’d be very surprised.

I’m not quite sure I could pull off any of those…in fact there are some I’m not convinced ANYONE could pull off, but maybe I’ll give it a try anyway, because, YOLO?

Would you ever try any of these?

Tell us in the comments.