We all do things when we’re young that we would never repeat, for one reason or another, as adults. Most of us give our younger selves grace for those mistakes, because we don’t know any better and sometimes the only way to learn is to stumble and fall and pick yourself up again.

There are some errors that continue to haunt people into adulthood though, turning into regrets that never really go away – and these 10 people are sharing what those things are for them.

10. I bet he understood.

Death is a hard thing for kids to face.

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9. Some decisions can’t be undone.

Or at least, their effects on our body can’t.

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8. At least they realized it was wrong.

So they’re probably not a serial killer.

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7. Remember your parents are getting older, too.

Sometimes we don’t come around until it’s too late.

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6. You can’t always get lucky your first time.

I bet a lot of people feel this way.

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5. A good lesson to learn early in life.

It will truly serve you well.

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4. I hope they have a good relationship now.

You can always make up for lost time.

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3. Time is a great teacher.

And it teaches us that there aren’t many people whose opinions matter.

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2. You shouldn’t have been too busy.

But I bet she understood.

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1. Words can definitely hurt people.

If you get the chance, apologize even now.

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I can see how these would keep bothering people, but we have to do our best to let go and move forward – there’s nothing we can do to change the past, after all.

Do you have a childhood mistake that still haunts you? Share it with us in the comments!