Samuel Johnson, a writer so well-read and prolific that he actually created one of the first English dictionaries, hated puns. He is said to have referred to them as “The lowest form of wit.” Sort of makes you wonder what he would think of memes. Would he believe we’d hit a new low, or that we’d ascended to new heights? I’ll bet his mind would be especially blown if he realized that he himself had become a meme. Because, btw, this is Samuel Johnson:

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Pictured here presumably reading his time travel report on how he would be known in the early 21st century mostly as “that reaction meme painting guy,” Johnson probably would have had quite a bit to say about how we express our wit today. We can only imagine his two cents on PunHub, or @punhubonline – an Instagram account specializing in an endless stream of quality(?) puns. Here are just a few examples that will doubtlessly make ol’ Sam roll in his grave.

10. Just asking

I say this for my namesake.

9. Call me maybe

(Notice that this one’s a two-parter. Swipe over for an even worse punchline.)

8. Lather, rinse, repeat

I’m so tired of these dirty jokes.

7. Spray and prey

Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers.

6. The waiting is the hardest part

Maybe she can give him a few tips.

5. Peek a boo boo

At least she feels seen.

4. Big roof

Absolutely blown away.

3. Talk therapy

This is hard for me to say.

2. Meat and greet

That’s some saucy sausage.

1. Count on it

Third time’s the charm.

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