Millennials were kind of the pioneers of the internet age; our presence here is strong, and we were the first generation to truly grow up with the internet as a constant. But we’re not kids anymore; the youngest of us are graduating college, the oldest are hitting 40. All of this would be pretty unremarkable on its own, except it means we’re living in an era when the first internet generation is starting to feel its age for the first time, and boy oh boy do we have some stuff to say about it.

Enjoy these funny tweets from people who know they ain’t as young as they used to be.

14. Heads up

Don’t even get me started on the everlasting search for the cool side of the pillow.

13. Water, water everywhere

Kid, I got plastic bags older than you.

12. Special delivery

Instead of those creepy songs we get push notifications.

11. Deal with it

The future is bright.

10. Interior design

Money is very sexy.

9. Twist endings

There’s no right and wrong anymore. There’s just stuff.

8. A new era

How. Dare. You.

7. Do your turn

Oh, look who’s still “dressing.” Showoff.

6. DOS death

Those brief moments of breathless fear as you waited to see if you’d crossed the river or not…

5. Strong stance

I’ll take either at this point, honestly.

4. Back that back up

I need both emotional AND lumbar support.

3. My own worst enemy

Can I? Yes. Should I? No. Will I? Mind your business.

2. Netflix and no chill

It goes on and on and on.

1. Sleep is for the weak

Jump around!

Well, we may not be as young as we once were. But at least we’re not as old and we’re gonna be.

What’s the strangest thing about ageing that you’ve noticed?

Tell us in the comments.