Puns are the best/worst form of joke. On a Venn diagram, puns overlap partially, but not entirely, with the phenomenon known as Dad Jokes, which create similar consternation for their audience. They’re the kind of humor that makes you a little bit angry, but you can’t get enough of it. They’re good, but they’re terrible. When you come up with one, you beam with elation while your friends loudly boo you out of the room.

Maybe it’s that mixture of joy and shame that lends itself so well to the gimmick of this Instagram account, “PunHub,” or @punhubonline, which says in their description “Bringing you HD original puns from hot amateurs, casting now.”

So, switch to incognito mode and check out 10 horribly hot bits of wicked wordplay courtesy of PunHub.

10. Marching orders

This couple needs to work on their communication.


9. Word play

Learning is fun!


8. Casting couch

Sofa, so good.


7. Minor technicality

Look, there’s diamonds either way.


6. Spell it out

Looks like he’s in for a vowel movement.


5. There wolf

Full moon, full disclosure.


4. Dark side

I’m so bright my parents call me son.


3. Talkin’ turkey

It’s a growth industry.


2. Left on read

Where to begin?


1. Hoover maneuver

This joke needs to be cleaner.


We hope these puns have brought you the correct ratio of pain and pleasure. Now that you’ve experienced them, go do what you know you want to do; unleash them on all your friends.

What’s your favorite pun of all time?

Share it with us in the comments.