According to voters on, the Meme of the Year for 2019 was “Me and The Boys,” that weird little panel featuring four strangely drawn 80’s cartoon villain-types who are clearly about to get into some shenanigans. What meme will win this prestigious honor in 2020? 2021? We can only look forward in wonder and anticipation.

Perhaps one of these random memes could be a candidate? Let’s try to give them some names so we can get a little award-buzz going.

12. Savage Box

When the crust is just right but you’re burned as hell.

11. Warning Signs

To this day we’re all terrified of secondary locations.

10. Tom Vs Tom

Oh, there’s some definite versatility potential here.

9. Daily Affirmations

You could replace the fourth thing down with your outlandish statement of choice.

8. Business Card

Imagine all the things you could slap on this baby.

7. Head & Shoulders

This meme is mean and I am definitely not laughing. Nope. Not at all.

6. Toilet Cake

Cursed images like this are prime meme fodder.

5. Mind Over Matter

I shower myself with insults.

4. Lick Like

What’s the thing you can never resist?

3. Introspective Blob

I’m blue, abo-dee-abo-die.

2. Think-ception

I can’t keep up with all my own obsessions.

1. Go Fund Yourself

Hey man, if mowing lawns had kept up with inflation we’d all still be doing it.

What do you think? Do any of those memes have what it takes to be meme of the year?

Or are they destined for the dustbin of internet browser history?

Give us your thoughts in the comments.