If you’re a Millennial, you’ve seen tech explode in an almost alarming way over the course of your lifetime. But when we were born, home PC’s were a luxury.

When we were coming of age, so was the internet, and cell phone technology. Now, everyone’s online all the time, and the functions of what used to be a thousand different gadgets and analogue objects are all crammed into the little rectangle in our pockets. It can honestly be easy to forget just how revolutionary the last few decades have been.

Check out these ten 2000’s tech items you might have already forgot.

10. The Sims

Back when you needed 4 entire CD’s to hold a game. Fun fact, you’d need 250 of these to fit Call of Duty: Warzone.

9. The iPod

Not to mention its weird, flat little earbuds.

Via: Robert Sullivan / Getty Images

8. Endless iPod accessories

In case your mp3 player got chilly, I guess.

Via: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

7. Weird music solutions

Before Bluetooth, before aux ports, we tried to use these weird little radio broadcasters for our car music. It didn’t go well.

6. Geek Squad bugs

Ready to overcharge your mom for rebooting her computer or whatever at a moment’s notice.

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5. The Zune

Microsoft’s attempt to compete with the iPod didn’t work out too well.

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4. iTunes on Phones

These awkward sort of half-functional phone apps were a precursor to the age of the full-fledged smartphone.

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3. Car DVD players

Before everyone was carrying around an HD movie player at all times, these bad boys were your best bet for keeping the kids quiet on the road. Until the discs started skipping.

2. Toys “R” Us game section

This once-thriving chain is still technically around, but not by much. According to their website they have two stores open, one in Texas and the other in New Jersey.

1. Trash DVDs

What living room would be complete without a bunch of DVDs nobody should own that never got watched more than once?

Via: Girls Gone Wild

If you’d have told me back then that it would one day be normal for every person I knew to be carrying around a media center/game console/video phone/web browser/HD camera/GPS guidance system in their pocket, I’d have punched you right in the face.

What’s your fondest 2000’s tech memory?

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