Did you know that you can use memes to tell the future? For instance, we’ve gathered a bunch of memes here, and based on that, we predict that you’re about to scroll them all and laugh.

Don’t ask how it works – it’s just magic.

15. Smells like home

This is all fun and games until you start having those bad flashbacks.

14. Child at heart

Don’t screw this up for me, kid.

13. Streams of trouble

And now they’re all wasting time. Not sure who wins here.

12. Rightside wrong

Hot tip: if the logo is facing up, that’s always the right way.

11. Back to basics

Just wait ’till they start building cars.

10. Pushing my buttons

When you get decimated by decimals.

9. Busy busy

Wait, your town still has a mall?

8. Oh, shoot!

Stranger things have happened.

7. Time travel

Congratulations, your circadian rhythm is now ruined for a week.

6. It’s a sign

Numbers don’t lie.

5. Mission impossible

The floor is lava and the wires are feelings.

4. I am infinite

My drama knows NO BOUNDS.

3. Unmasked

This is…this is it in a nutshell.

2. The wallflower

This is totally unrealistic, it’s not a party unless there are at least 50 people crammed into the kitchen for no reason.

1. Stranger in our midst

Ah hell no.

See? We predicted you’d love those, and you did. Our internet powers know no bounds.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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