Puns. Wordplay. Can’t live with ’em, can’t have an internet without ’em. They’re the lols you love to hate and hate to love. They fill you with rage and joy simultaneously. They are a deep and ponderous conundrum wrapped in a paradox wrapped in a dad joke, and they deserve our respect.

Here are 10 bits of wordy stupidity to make you smile and then frown at yourself for smiling and then smile at yourself for frowning.

10. Something’s fishy

A spoonful of sugar makes the minnow fin go down.

9. Hot dam

It’s rway or the highway.

8. Getting the shaft

Either way, you’re gonna end up with diamonds.

7. Yes this is Patrick

She’s in severe pain but this is totally worth it.

6. Updog’s revenge

If these walls could laugh…

5. Step to it

Are you asking me out for a date?

4. A reptile dysfunction

Good on this guy, coming out of his shell.

3. Siren song

The look on his face in the second panel is absolutely diabolical.

2. Don’t bug me

She’s not technically wrong.

1. Spouting off

“Water you wearing?”

You’re probably feeling a great mixture of emotions right now. That’s ok. That’s good. That’s natural. Just let the puns wash over you, and slowly turn you into a father. Congratulations.

What’s your favorite bit of wordplay?

Make us groan in the comments.