Between being famous actors, successful athletes, and chart-topping singers, these men somehow still have time to be awesome dads. As if we didn’t like them enough already, these pictures from Instagram have completely melted our hearts.

1. “Sunset with my beautiful boys.” David Beckham has raised three sons and a daughter.

2. “The last 3 years of my life have brought more joy than I could ever imagine. Being a father is such a trip…”

3. Jimmy Fallon giving his daughter a ride on his shoulders.

4. Adam Levine taking his daughter for a walk.

5. John Legend relaxing with his two little ones in Bali.

6. Can you see the resemblance between Patton Oswalt and his daughter?

7. Will Smith, the epitome of a “cool dad.”

Photo Credit: Instagram: willsmith

8. Matching outfits for DJ Khaled and his daughter.

Photo Credit: Instagram: djkhaled

9. “Not sure what made me more proud: when Jack insisted on holding this barracuda himself, or when he tried it raw!”

10. “I simply love you more than I love life itself.”

11. Shakira’s husband Gerard Piqué should be a role model for fathers everywhere.

12. Vin Diesel losing to his daughter in a wrestling match. Adorable.

Photo Credit: Instagram: vindiesel

I’m now jealous of these kids’ lives for another reason…