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Twitter was pretty much invented for people to dunk on each other. Sometimes that’s mean spirited and gross, sometimes it’s just clever and funny. This collection features more of the latter, and it’s pretty great. Nothing like watching two strangers on the internet go head to head, because when they do battle, we win.

Here are 10 times when Twitter clap backs were just too good to ignore.

10. Signed, sealed, delivered

If you’re not from the UK, you should probably know that “club” in this context means “team.”

9. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

We’re gonna need some salve for this burn.

8. Cry, cry again

This one is a double slam.

7. “Buddy”

Another solid back-to-back featuring my favorite music youtuber.

6. Who’s the parasite?

An epic tale about people who think that reading is a bridge too far.

5. Elon-gate

Elon Musk is either the smartest dumb guy or the dumbest smart guy.

4. Alright then, keep your secrets

A weirdly heartwarming tale of backward pwnage?

3. This one is a banger…

Look down. That’s the answer.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

2. Humble beginnings

Oh ho ho, look at Mr. “I have a special room in my house just for my car” over here.

1. Fresh never frozen burns

Give it up for the original Queen of the branded clap backs.

What fun. Almost makes you want to get on Twitter and just find somebody to shoot a snappy response to. Careful who you get into it with, though. If they outwit you, it will live on the internet f o r e v e r.

What’s your favorite comeback/clap back?

Put it in the comments.