It’s gotta be tough being a parent and finding the right balance between nurturing your child in the way they should go and staying hands off enough to give them their own life and independence.

Where exactly does that line lie? I wouldn’t presume to say, not least of all because I’m not a parent. But it’s definitely still the topic of a lot of heated discussion, especially on the internet, and ESPECIALLY when stirred on by real, anonymous confessions like the ones in this collection from parents who couldn’t help but get maybe just a little too involved.

10. Spooky business

I don’t know how to tell you this, but kids cry all the time. I don’t think I’d put “ghosts” at the top of the probable causes.

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9. Get that money

Well, we know what her current fantasy is.

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8. “Routinely checking”

Good job, you’ve completely ruined this for him.

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7. Follow, protect

Ok but how old is your daughter, though?

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6. Reading up

A) you probably were
B) stop snoopin’

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5. Plus

So she’s open with you, but that’s not enough?

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4. Hackermom

If he finds out about this he’ll be mortified.

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3. Surprise reading

Welp. Not sure what to do with that information.

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2. Cheater, cheater

When they’re grown but still misbehaving.

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1. Warning signs

Maybe you can bring it up without revealing this.

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Honestly, I don’t envy parents at all. It seems like a really tough job, and knowing exactly how to handle it day to day has got to be impossible.

What do you think of where the line lies?

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