Personally, I went to a very small college in the midwest – so small, in fact, that there were neither fraternities nor sororities. Not because they were banned or anything, just because there really weren’t enough students around for it to make sense, much less the proper housing for that kind of group living.

I don’t know if I really missed anything; all I know about the Greek life is he kind of thing I’ve seen in movies. So, what’s it actually like? Beyond the silver screen and into the greens of academia – what’s the real deal of this apparently quintessential college experience?

Let’s look at a few takes from real sorority members to get a glimpse.

10. Practice makes perfect

Cool! Are ya any good? Or is it, like, cringe city?

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9. Thinking of ending things

It’s gotta be tough to face that kind of failure.

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8. Unique together

Don’t worry about it, you’ll find your groove.

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7. Cheater cheater

The sorta thing you’re probably gonna both take to your graves, huh?

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6. You don’t know me

What’s it really all about?

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5. That’s the plan

Don’t give up quite so easily, these things take time.

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4. Worthless

What exactly is the job of such a president?

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3. Save your money

Too much to handle?

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2. A good scale

It’s true!

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1. Best thing

Better to have a chosen family.

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Well, that’s insightful! Still not sure what the President does though…

Do you have sorority/fraternity experience?

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