Is it healthy for couples to spend all of their time with each other? Probably not… and for most couples there’s usually limit to that desire.

But these couples really could care less. Because when they fell in love, all they wanted to do is spend time with their significant other and, when they don’t, they miss them like crazy.

Yes, the love of these 11 couples knows no bounds. From bathroom conversations to sharing everything and anything, find out the lengths they will go to make sure they’re never apart.

Let’s find out more!

1. Well, if it makes you happy…

It can’t be that bad, right?

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2. You all need to stop.

Because that is GROSS.

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3. Do you wipe each other’s butts too?

Come on you two!!!

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4. This is sweet, but… you need your own life.

Don’t you?

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5. True love sounds beautiful?

But is this true love or obsession?

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6. This is not an uncommon setup.

And if it’s been going on for a few years… it just might last.

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7. Sounds like codependency to me…

Time to go see a therapist!

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8. That sounds healthy.

Heh… sure. Yeah.

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9. Oh… so you found yourself a life!

Good for you two. More of these relationships exist than you might think.

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10. So because you do everything together you fight?

Or you fight because you do everything together? Hmmm…

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So now that you’ve read about these confessions… would you be joined at the hip? Or do you need your space?

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