Listen, I’m a guy and I have never felt self-conscious in bed. That’s not a humble brag or an outright brag. It’s just something that I’ve never personally felt.

You know what I have felt… great! When you’re in bed with somebody… that’s a GOOD night. So why not just live with that feeling a while and feel good about it.

Still, I can completely understand why some guys do feel self-conscious. Especially when it comes to expectations in the bedroom, how one should perform, how long they should last, etc. After all, guys do have to do a fair amount of work, and if you aren’t in the best shape… things can be hard… or, errr…. soft?

The following 10 guys spill on what was going through their heads… in beds.

1. This must be a certain kind of hell.

You’re always this nervous? Bro… dude… chill!

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2. Well, do they like it?

If they like it… why worry?

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3. You know, you CAN ask.

You might not want to hear the answer, though…

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4. Okay, now that’s just silly.

But maybe you’re just not that into s*x? That’s a possibility.

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5. This won’t lead anywhere good.

You’re going to have to get over that soon, bud!

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6. This. Is. Completely. Normal.

Guys think they should be firehose… but sometimes we don’t get there either. Chill. Relax.

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7. Okay, so I hear girls actually like uncut guys.

Not joking, it’s supposed to be better for s*x.

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8. Okay, never being able to COULD be a problem.

Time to go to the doctor and get checked out. Just to be safe.

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9. You want to know a secret?

Every single person on the planet is “damaged goods.” We’ve all got our things.

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10. You do you!

Eventually, you’ll find a girl who LOVES what you do.

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Okay, well that was fun AND revealing.

What do you think? Have any self doubts in the bedroom?

Share those in the comments… if you dare! 😉