Of course nobody ever expects to stay in a homeless shelter. At NO point in anybody’s life do they think, “You know what would be fun? Not having a home!”

So yes… tough times can send folks down some truly rough roads, and for those who end up at homeless shelters, well, the stories about what happens there can be truly toe curling.

These following 11 people were brave enough to share their raw, real experiences when they had to seek shelter from the storm.

Get ready to get your heart broken, because these are rough.

1. Sometimes adversity can breed character.

In fact, it often does in many successful people.

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2. Why didn’t you go to them in the first place?

I’d check with my family first. Always.

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3. This does sound rough.

Why didn’t dad help? Ugh… hate to read stuff like this.

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4. Gotta keep working to make the kid’s life better.

Be the example you want them to set.

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5. Do you not get paid for this job?

I’m so confused!

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6. Holy moley!

This is the most shocking story I’ve read in quite some time.

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7. Well, that’s one way to start over.

But that is a HARD reset. Truly.

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8. But are you hanging out with cheetahs now?

Some of these photos that go along with the confessions are quite funny, don’t you agree?

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9. Oh… slumming it because you were curious, eh?

You could have just, ya know, watched a documentary. Not taken their resources.

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10. You better believe it!

Because it’s happening and there you are!

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11. Now that is a true double whammy!

But what’s with the two people chilling against the wall? What is with these pictures?!

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Have you ever had to stay at a homeless shelter? Experienced anything like this in your life?

Let us know your story in the comments! You never know… we may use it in an upcoming post!