You think you know a person when you fall in love with them, and then you move in together and/or get married and you realize you did not.

Now that we’re spending almost all of our time with only our families, well…there’s bound to be even more secrets oozing out of the (probably dirty) woodwork.

Luckily, couples like these 10 are showing us all of the ways to laugh about it. Because divorce is expensive and rough on the kids.

10. So you’re saying we’re doing this for a few more months?

I love a fun fact, but this woman needs therapy.

9. I mean, they’re crunchy like a chip.

But why not just each chips?

8. If only it was so easy to deter children.

Or maybe her husband just sat outside the door and strummed.

7. Why is this so, so accurate.

I’m in my closet right now, but still.

6. She has had it with your “jokes,” sir.

Unless it was nice outside, then she’s crazy. I would have just gone for a wander.

5. Just check yes or no.

It could change at any moment, you know.

4. His hairdresser must work magic.

Maybe you should name the baby after her.

3. Man, that dog needs a walk.

So do I. I am the dog, and I need a walk.

2. Actually I kind of want to know the answer to this, now.

Thanks, John Mulaney.

1. I think that was an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Here’s hoping you don’t die at the end.

I’m laughing, and also I can sympathize. Our alcohol budget has gone up since this started!

How are you coping? What’s the funniest thing you’ve learned? Entertain us in the comments!